About Us

PractoMind Solutions LLP is an Odisha based diversified company that specializes in providing complete web and cloud-based solutions ranging from Website Design to Cloud Telephony, Click to Call to Bulk SMS and OBD at a price point to suite the need of every small business. We also operate in the field of Digital Content, Reselling and whole selling with our different brands. In nutshell we provide Solutions that Delivers.

PractoMind was founded by the tech brother duo in the year 2016 to extend their freelancing services in a structured manner. With an aim to provide affordable solutions to its clients, PractoMind stood on its strong fundamentals of always delivering the best.

With a diverse portfolio of services offered, PractoMind opens its doors to many sectors like Consumers, Small Businesses, Retailers, Education, HealthCare, Publishing and many more…


  • Connecting local businesses to global opportunities


  • Building a robust and cost effective online service portfolio for small business.
  • Providing convenience to offices and households
  • Achieving service excellence by building the best team


Abinash Panda
Co-Founder/Designated Partner
Abinash Panda holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and is a passionate IT Professional. He has an intense passion in Web and Graphics Designing with diverse experience in designing book covers, logos, etc. for many Indian publishing firms. Abinash will lead the Development and Design team and also look after the day to day operations. Additionally he will bear the charge of Project In-charge/Manager for MoPathashala and lead other developmental activities for the organisation.
Abhisek Panda
Co-Founder/Designated Partner

Abhisek Panda, is a Marketing and Media professional, Blogger, Social Media Specialist and Web Developer. Abhisek holds an PGDM degree along with B.Sc (Information Technology and Management) and M.Sc (Computer Science) degree. He has more than 6 years of experience in the field of commercial operations, technology, sales and marketing. He will lead the Technology and Sales team and play a key role in Strategic Planning for the organisation. Additionally he will bear the charge of Project Planner for MoPathashala and take care of Accounts & Legal for the organisation.